Waffle Weave on Jacquard Loom (2014)

Waffle Weave on Jacquard Loom is a study of a specific weave technique and how its three-dimensional form is influenced by being enlarged, and how the material acts when its structure and scale are altered.

Sold to the Nationalmuseum of Sweden in 2017

Nominated to the Swedish jury award Ung Svensk Form 2014/2015

The jury motivation:
“The weaving is a play of light, a richly detailed manifestation that asserts itself in all its modesty and creates various experiences depending on your perspective. Close up, we associate it with the illustrations in the old satirical MAD magazine.”

Ung Svensk Form – Dåtid nutid framtid: vad hände sen?, Auktionsverket, Stockholm

Ung Svensk Form, Stilwerk Berlin
Ung Svensk Form, Stilwerk, Hamburg
Ung Svensk Form, Stilwerk, Vienna
Ung Svensk Form, Stilwerk Düsseldorf
Ung Svensk Form, Stilwerk Dortmund
Formex Nova, Formex Älvsjömässan, Stockholm
Konstruktion Dimension Rum, Liljevalchs Hubb, Solna (solo exhibition)

Ung Svensk Form, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
Ung Svensk Form, Ark Des, Stockholm
Ung Svensk Form, Röhsska museet, Gothenburg
Ung Svensk Form, Form/Design Center, Malmö
#IKEA Temporary, Milan

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